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DePaula & Clark, Inc. 28 West 36th Street, Suite 401, New York, NY 10018

Tel: 212-255 5788, Fax: 212-255  5011

Offshore Development Office - D2A, 3rd Floor, Sector 18, Noida, India

Verify any person or document online directly from any government, bank or any global institution.

Anti-impersonation & anti-fraud technology by generating mathematically provable documents


Verify documents from 200+ countries instantly

  • Tamper & Photoshop resistant

  • Eliminate fake, stolen or synthetic identities

Check impersonation with third party logins

  • Using bank accounts, utility companies or government portals

  • Biometrically verify over 2.5 billion identities

Automatically verify Name, DOB, Current Address in seconds

  • No OCR issues - translate directly from 100+ languages OCR issues

  • Remove costs and scaling limitations using AI.


Cryptographically provable KYC 

Provable, reportable & auditable

Diro has developed a cryptographically provable KYC that has very strong anti-fraud & anti-impersonation procedures built-in to completely prevent fraud or stolen or fake identities. Our eKYC platform helps businesses & regulators correctly identify legal & verified identities in a far safer & better manner than dealing with images & photocopies of identity documents. In fact Diro’s eKYC solution even beats physical KYC of banks.

Integrate in seconds..

with just a single line of code

<iframe id="kycframe" src="https://business.dirolabs.com/#/selfinvitev1/712bf06c89a3eabc30cd174ae52065f9" height = "350" width="410"></iframe>

The only way to identify users globally

Global Issues

Crowdsale KYC is Fueling a Black Market for Fake ID

See Demo

Mandatory Requirements

Relevant extracts of International Laws






1.5 Bn



Sanction Lists &




Online Utility Companies


Online Banks

2.5 Bn

Biometric Identification


Cryptographic Accuracy


Live Coverage

Diro Differentiators

  • Global coverage of live government and corporate databases

  • 100% approval - no false negatives or false positives

  • Capture document’s provenance and integrity

  • Fact-based KYC that is far more powerful than comparing templates or human judgement

  • Automated KYC & customer due diligence with no OCR required 

  • Frictionless on-boarding with instant feedback

Why Diro is a Game Changer?

  • Automate your customer due-diligence

  • Timestamped documents to eliminate stolen documents and identities

  • Automatically eliminate synthetic identities

  • Remote authentication of people with multiple 3rd parties (Multi factor/ source authentication)

  • Verify over a billion e-passports cryptographically

  • Prevent internal & external fraud with provable audit

  • Reusable KYC as a utility  - Makes the process cryptographically bullet-proof and easier to trust

  • Cover 200+ Countries, 10+ languages

What problem does Diro’s 3rd generation KYC solve?

Problem 1 : No way to verify - electronic copy of identity documents

  • All existing methods can be manipulated by photoshop

  • Impossible to have an up-to-date global registry due to privacy laws 

Problem 2: No way to check remote impersonation

  • No public photograph or biometric registry to refer

  • Can’t verify international bank accounts

  • SMS verification - easy to hack SS7

Further there are issues in managing process​​

  • It’s difficult to manage KYC - because it requires specialized training and human judgement and it is difficult to re-audit.

  • Shared KYC models don't work -  as financial institutions are unable to trust KYC of other smaller banks that may have insufficient training or weak processes.

Blockchain and cryptography changes the paradigm in identity verification using fact based information capture from live databases of thousands of government sources and utility companies across jurisdictions.

Identity Proofing & Verification Standards

  • National Institute of Technical Standards, USA - 800-63-3 Digital Identity Guidelines (2017)

  • 800-63-3A (Digital Identity Guidelines: Enrollment and Identity Proofing) - meets IAL2 (Level 2) 

  • 800-63-3B (Digital Identity Guidelines: Authentication and Lifecycle Mgmt.) - meets AAL2 (Level 2)

Enables regulatory compliance with

  • Financial Action task Force (FATF) - Recommendations 10, 11, 14, 15 16, 18, 20, 26 

  • Joint Money Laundering Guidance - Regulations - 27(1), 28(2)(a)

  • Money Laundering Directive 4 (MLD4)

Relevant extracts of International Laws

Reasons why Video or Photocopy of ID documents can’t detect fraud.

  • Can't check watermarks under UV light

  • Can't check base florescence

  • Can't check embossed features

  • Can't check optically variable ink

  • Can't check Intaglio Ink

  • Can't check random fibers

  • Can't check holograms

  • Can't check material and thickness symmetry or consistency

  • Can't get high magnification to check background print

  • Can't check watermark on video

Magnifiers, UV light sources & transmitted lights are needed

News & Articles

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs


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Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Why Crypto KYC is  game changer.jpeg

Why cryptographic KYC is a game-changer for Crypto industry?

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

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15+ International PCT Patents Filed

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