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Copy, Paste and automate your KYC

One place to manage your global eKYC process

Integrate in seconds..

with just a single line of code

<iframe id="kycframe" src="" height = "350" width="410"></iframe>

Manage KYC documents & review decisions in one place

Search, store, review documents submitted by users using email, phone numbers or wallet id.

Review and override KYC acceptance decisions based on your own criterion, Use customer overview to see how the system arrives at the Identity risk score.

Automatically email reminders (co-branded)

Send success and pending notifications automatically to users with your own name and logo with the relevant links.

OCR – recognize multiple languages

Use the leading edge tools to give top-of-the line OCR in 100+ languages.


Country risk

Automatically risk rate your customers based on the country and profile information.

Open API for Banks, Exchanges and Fintech companies.

Each document is encrypted using a unique token and the CVD tokens are then encrypted by the customer’s public key. Diro can not share or process the data without consent. The security architecture of DIRO mitigates the possibility of a central password or key getting hacked using decentralized PKI. 

  "firstname": "string",
  "apikey": "0015572742fd0470ec30ac9c9477090f",
  "token": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJwdXNocGFua0BkaXJvLmlvIiwiYXBpa2V5IjoiMDAxNTU3Mjc0MmZkMDQ3MGVjMzBhYzljOTQ3NzA5MGYifQ.g38vLk0KJfZdsyUN_EKF53TezPXECO6h7oW6frkPIzwUJxtNHUBKyEy-ty8_f_In6N7hauzlMf2MizO1aeJK9g",
  "mobile": "9599050783",
  "lastname": "string",
  "dob": "string",
  "email": "string"

DiroSDK Integrate into your own App

Integrate Diro eKYC service directly into your own mobile app using the SDK. Its simple, lightweight and only takes a few hours to get it going. Use your own branding and color while maintaining the trust “Powered by Diro” for user confidence and security across the entire ecosystem.

Single Sign on

No Logins, No Passwords, No forms or KYC.

Allow one click access to financial services with instant signup. Offer the best user experience to your users while enabling highest grade security using decentralized private keys.

Coming Soon

Admin Panel Features

API for wallet status

Check status of other associated wallets on Diro platform accross blockchains. 

Coming soon - get % Source of funds from verified sources for KYCC.

Manage Profile / Access 

Manage your company profile and branding.

Coming soon - Manage users, passwords, IP restrictions for accessing the admin panel.

API access, credentials and documentation

Generate or reset credentials to access API. You may use is to trigger invitations, actions or even choose to backup the data locally as per legal requirements of the local jurisdiction.

Check against 600+ negative lists & PEPs

Run profile information against over 600 lists to comply with global laws.

Auto verify profile information against document

Diro automatically extracts Name, address and dates to verify against the profile information and expiry of documents.

Template Verification (external vendor) for images

Verify manual images against 1000s of national templates to detect if the document is valid. Automatically check signs of tampering.

For more detailed documentation and sample code, please login to the KYC Admin Panel on top right corner of this screen.

Use "Demo - Sandbox" as country to open a sandbox account on the web or APP.

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