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DePaula & Clark, Inc. 28 West 36th Street, Suite 401, New York, NY 10018

Tel: 212-255 5788, Fax: 212-255  5011

Offshore Development Office - D2A, 3rd Floor, Sector 18, Noida, India

Latest News

Diro recognized by 2nd G7 regulator - gets accepted into UK FCA sandbox.

April 29, 2019

NASSCOM recognizes Diro among top 10 blockchain companies in India


March 19, 2019

Winner - most innovative startup of the year national award India

Image 17.png

April 26, 2017

Diro in top 10 selected by IDRBT (100% subsidiary of Indian regulator RBI)


April 12, 2019

ID Verification Startup Diro Wins DEMOvation Challenge


March 12, 2019

Winner Bank Innovation IGNITE 2019 International Award (Seattle)


March 25, 2019

Hacked and secured! - the Hong Kong fintech hackfest


June 13, 2018

Community Integration

Rebooting Web

of Trust

Financial Action
Task Force

Swiss Blockchain


India Fintech Awards

Internet Identity

Diro Community & Developer Engagement Platform

Early crowd-mining

better rewards

Early adopters benefit the most as they add the highest value, and have the scope to add the most value through introducing the most users to the platform, providing updates and information on the broadest set of users.


Late adopters also benefit from existing information being present, but effectively have less information to add.



Create seamless experience inside Diro phonebooks or at places. 

Contextual dApps:

Create Mini Apps (Objects). 

Let anyone add them to their channels.

Developers will be able to easily build their Java script dApps that can be attached to Contacts or Contact Directories. Combination of Diro’s Contact Directories, Identity & Access Management platform will enable seamless discovery of their dApps by relevant groups.

Community initiatives & stories

Surprisingly true! Online Identity = mC³


Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Domains of Identity

Kaliya "Identity Woman"

Expert in self-sovereign identity 

Faircoins will drive Crowdsourcing 2.0

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Stranger Danger - What's The Identity Matter?

Michael Mainelli

Executive Chairman at Z/Yen Group

Predicting the future of Blockchain

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Bitcoin, the only workable future?

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Private Client Dining Club - Cryptocurrency Panel

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 12.53.18 PM.pn

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Blockchain will help us prove our identities in a digital world

Michael Mainelli

Executive Chairman at Z/Yen Group

Distributed Ledger Identity: Misplaced Trust

Michael Mainelli & Vinay Gupta

Blockchain Could Help Us Reclaim Control Of Our Personal Data

Michael Mainelli

Executive Chairman at Z/Yen Group

Tell me who you are? 

Vinay Gupta

Global thought leader on Blockchain

A Blockchain Solution For Identity?

Vinay Gupta

Global thought leader on Blockchain

Decentralized Autonomic Data & three R's of Key Management

Samuel M. Smith (Consensys)

and Vishal Gupta

No More Mr And Mrs X (identity systems)

Michael Mainelli

Executive Chairman at Z/Yen Group

Decentralization is the solution against network-effect monopolies. But...... 

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Cryptocurrencies — a bubble or real dream come true....

Vishal Gupta 

CEO Diro Labs

Other Resources

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Self-Sovereign Identities

Hyperledger Indy

Why Blockchains and Identity Go Together

The Father of the ICO Is All About Identity Now

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Rebooting Web-of-Trust

Why blockchains Are Poised to End the Password Era