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DePaula & Clark, Inc. 28 West 36th Street, Suite 401, New York, NY 10018

Tel: 212-255 5788, Fax: 212-255  5011

Offshore Development Office - D2A, 3rd Floor, Sector 18, Noida, India


Decentralized identity & access platform powered by crowdsourcing of contact directories

100% accurate & instant KYC of 5+ billion people using cryptographically provable original documents

Hardened & secure social identities using crowdsourcing of contact directories


Latest Updates

Hardened Social Identities

Crowd-sourcing to power contact directories:

  • Diro uses power of crowd intelligence to automatically tag people to shared phonebooks to create the world’s defacto contacts app

  • Contacts get organized, updated & discovered  automatically with complete privacy controls

  • Creating a social fingerprint for recoverable & loss-proof Identities with decentralised PKI

Diro Identity Score for hardened identities:

  • Score based on no. of validated connections & live interaction in Family, Friends, School, College & Co-worker phonebooks 

Control your identity & privacy

Reliably backup and recover your identity


Password-less Access

Contacts App to drive global access:

  • Make your contacts go alive - be it IVR options, wait times, appointment booking or simply your miles or preferences with universal frictionless access from inside your contacts.

Connect silos & Eliminate password with complete privacy & PKI (Blockchain):

  • Prevent external correlation with DIDs

  • Seamless Decentralized public key infrastructure

  • User profile cards to manage privacy


Diro's decentralised identities & access is a horizontal technology having applications in many industries like IAM, Blockchain, Context (AR/VR, Dapps), Cyber Security, RegTech, FinTech, AI etc

Diro is developing two vertical use cases KYC/AML/CFT and  Contact Directories (crowd sourced)

Decentralized Identity & Access Management (dIAM) Market

$32 bn Market by 2022

Currently, IAM is highly fragmented & identities exist in silos of various service providers. The need for cyber security and access controls is growing at a compounding rate. ​


Further, billions of IoT devices can not be controlled by a centralized identity provider, since a breach of this provider would prove catastrophic.

A Trust-less Identity System

Converged directory services

Experience shared contact directories with integrated access management using LDAP. Integrates multiple silos of identities across 1000s of platforms with simple contact app.

Eliminate synthetic identities 

With the worlds largest passive social graph with SPKI. Further make identities Sybil resistant with Proof-of-life. Use patent pending cryptographic KYC for eliminating Identity fraud.

Password-less IAM

Eliminate need for hardware tokens or keys with open standards like Federated SSO with SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect etc. With applications across multiple domains.

Automated privacy

Discover and use profile cards to automate privacy across the identity eco-system. Prevent external correlation using contact IDs. Unlock private contextual data from within contacts with cryptography and IAM frictionlessly.

Universal Identities

Self Soverign Identities with seamless Global Pgp and digital signing infrastructure using SPKI and Self-service key retrieval (DPKI)

Strong network effect

Creates large scale value through crowd mining and viral stacking. With top Identity use cases and being default dialer app diro maps the entire identity network with just 1% users.

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