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DePaula & Clark, Inc. 28 West 36th Street, Suite 401, New York, NY 10018

Tel: 212-255 5788, Fax: 212-255  5011

Offshore Development Office - D2A, 3rd Floor, Sector 18, Noida, India



All information and analyses are estimates utilizing publicly available, company provided information (e.g., Filecoin whitepaper), contractor information, and third party data sources. None of the information has been verified by the company or any other third party. 


Historical performance or other information regarding the likelihood of token performance or various outcomes are hypothetical in nature and are not guarantees of future results. 


NOTE: The tokens will be subject to transfer restrictions following the network launch. These restrictions are released linearly following the network launch. Tokens subject to the transfer restriction will not be transferrable, distributable or usable by investors.Risks and WarningsPlease read SAFT and Private Placement Memorandum for more information. 


Participating in tokens, digital assets, or cryptocurrencies carries a very high degree of risk. Only investors familiar with acquiring tokens, digital assets, or cryptocurrencies should consider this opportunity. No investor should invest in the Fund unless it can tolerate total loss of all invested capital. 


There is limited public information about the token. The price at which the investor is agreeing to purchase the token may not represent current fair market valuation. Investors should assume that the company generally possesses material information about the company not known to the investor or the public. Investors should perform their own due diligence prior to investing. 


Regulatory changes or actions may alter the nature of, or restrict the use of, the tokens in a manner that adversely affects investments. 


The investor's investments in Digital Assets may subject the investor to tax and regulatory risks. 


Filecoin may be unable to successfully consummate the launch of its network, attract developers and new applications to drive users to the network and grow its user base through widespread use and adoption of the tokens. 


Filecoin may not be widely adopted and may have limited users. 


Filecoin may be the target of malicious cyberattacks or may contain exploitable flaws in its underlying code, which may result in security breaches and the loss or theft of tokens. 


There is no assurance of token delivery or other liquidity event. 


The investor may not have an accurate appraisal of the future valuation of the tokens. 


The tax treatment of the SAFT, the purchase rights contained therein and the token distribution is uncertain and there may be adverse tax consequences for Investors upon certain future events. 


The Ethereum blockchain network on which the token operates utilizes code that is subject to change at any time. These changes may have unintended consequences for Filecoin. 


The Filecoin network may be “forked” and clones that don’t represent the companies or investors could emerge. If one of these forks wins in the marketplace, the value of the Filecoin investment will go to zero. 


The implied valuation of the Filecoin network, once all Filecoin are issued, is in the $1B - $2B range. The investment may only be profitable if the value of all of the Filecoin to be mined crosses that. 


Results may vary materially from those expressed or implied in forward-looking statements (e.g., “expect”). Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in its forward-looking statements include government regulation, economic, strategic, political and social conditions.