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Citi Bank TTS Asean (Singapore)

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Your contacts get automatically

organized into mini-phonebooks. Diro uses power of crowd intelligence to automatically tag people to phonebooks for everyone.

Perfectly organized & updated contacts

Intelligent crowdsourcing crashes effort by over 90%.

The effort keeps crashing by 50%, 66%, 75% and so on as people join the phonebook.


Diro is a super productivity tool for deploying Team phonebooks of any size for all members to view & manage. And you can also create Contact Lists of clients or vendors and share with specific people.

Missing contacts appear automatically

A team of 20 coworkers can create a team mini-phonebook that is shared with all members. 


When a new person joins the team, any one existing member adds the new person to the team & all 20 coworkers will automatically get the new contact. New coworker downloads the app & discovers coworkers mini-phonebook.


Similarly, add new client to the Clients mini-phonebook & the contact gets synced across the Sales Team.

Existing contacts get automatically fixed

From the Diro network, we bring information about you that is not included in your profile.  


If you discard this info (it could be obsolete or simply wrong info), it will automatically get fixed in everyone’s phones that has your contact.

Automatically manage what others see about you

We create 4 Profile Cards automatically for you. 


When you set your “work profile card” to your Coworkers or Clients phonebook, all contacts there instantly get your new info. 


For the first time, you can automatically manage what others see about you. 

More Features

Archive Contacts

Intelligent Search

Import form Excel

Automatic De-duplicate

Smart Dialer

Works across platforms 

Auto Backup on Cloud

Seamless Card Exchange 

Rewind any changes