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DePaula & Clark, Inc. 28 West 36th Street, Suite 401, New York, NY 10018

Tel: 212-255 5788, Fax: 212-255  5011

Offshore Development Office - D2A, 3rd Floor, Sector 18, Noida, India

Global ID Locker

Collect "originals" globally

Now capture permanent digital versions of your identity documents like social security, utility bill, bank verification, tax Info, employment history, credit report, property ownership etc. Directly from global sources using patent pending SSL attestation technology.

Biometric Protection

Safely store your  biometric information using a secure key. Encrypt and backup everything using your key, biometrics and your phone. Even backup your  key without the fear of getting hacked.


Your documents always remain yours because only you can unlock them. Each document has a unique key that you can share with other companies. The hash is immutable and fraud-proof  as it is triple attested and stored on multiple blockchains.

No Passwords

Eliminate logins, passwords and getting hacked by ultra-secure multi factor private key and biometric authentication.


Easily prove yourself using your face, fingerprints, device and third party logins to restore your identity. For a $100 charge we will work with you to reestablish your identity in case of any complications.

FinTech Highway

Connect to 100s of global services with a single click without setting up logins, passwords, forms and even KYC checks.

Safe & secure "original" documents for life

Collect and store documents directly from your bank, school, college or even official government websites that everyone can trust. Eliminate all document fraud forever.

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Simply capture "original" documents

from any global website

Encrypted & Private

Take 100% control of your data on our Consent based Identity Management & KYC Platform.

No more fake, stolen Identities using fraud documents. Generate "original" documents with timestamps.

Fully automated e-KYC using live global government databases in over 108 countries by capturing information directly from government websites and utility companies.


CVD Docs



Access to super secure banking sites

Capture device
/Location information


using camera

Consent to 

share KYC

Secure documents 

with unique passwords

Link wallets across blockchain